Durable, Attractive Exterior

Nothing uplifts a home's appearance like color matching and exterior painting from Horizon Renovation in San Mateo, California. We use reliable products from Sherwin Williams™, and offer a 50-year warranty on our coatings. This ensures there will be no chipping, discoloring, bubbling, or trickling when you choose us. A five-year labor warranty is also available.
Painter - Exterior Painting

When we do coating

1.  we completely inspect the outside walls of your hoe for deterioration and suspect area.

2. The entire house is pressure washed to remove dirt, stains, loose paint, foreign substrates, mold, mildew, and algae. Once cleaned, ares in need of patching are revealed.

3. Deterirated areas are patched with speciallf formulated patching and bonding materials to correct defects and create a sound and uniform surface area.

4. All doors, windows, landscaping and surface not to be coated are carefully covered to prevent overspray and provide the most professional-looking job possible.

5. Our thick coating primer is applied that will provide an armor-like protective surface to your home's exterior.

6. A careful inspection is performed to insure proper thickness and uniform appearance of the primer has been applied.

7. Super cote smooth or textured finish is applied. This supper cote finish chemically bonds forming a permanet protective barrier against the elements, reflects harmful UV radiation and adds a maintence free beauty to your home.

8. Once surface is coated, all trim areas are covered with specially formulated, highly protective trim paint.

9. All masking is removed and the area is cleaned up of any and all project debris.


When to Paint

We recommend painting every five years. This protects your home's stucco or siding by directing heat away from the surface. It will help increase property value, as well. Average paint job is about 6,000-10,000.


Contact us in San Mateo, California, and breathe life back into your home's exterior.